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Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailThe Importance of Looking Good at Work

Most people probably hold the opinion that looks do not change or influence success at the workplace. Well, you need to change those views otherwise you will not get that promotion you so much yearn for in your entire career and especially if you are a woman. It is just natural that the greater population of people tends to rank women on the superiority ladder by their beauty, physical looks and how well they dress to the work place. However, youth has always been short-lived and at some point in your life you start developing wrinkles and lines on your face which immediately make you feel unattractive.

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Truth is, with every line which appears on your face, the faster your youthful beauty disappears. However, the importance of looking good at work cannot be neglected which leads us to the next part. Apart from upgrading your wardrobe and shoe rack, you obviously need to pay some attention to your face. Cosmetic surgery and especially dermal fillers are procedures which can be relied on for an instant rejuvenation of your facial looks.

Like you might already have realized, makeup and other beauty products only improve your looks if you have good looking skin in the first place. Some women are misled into believing that these products will hide those irritating wrinkles but later end up in frustration and worse, with low self esteem. You may still need makeup, but it should be applied to complement an already smooth face as opposed to hiding stubborn wrinkles.

In the corporate world, women have been using dermal fillers to get rid of aging signs which include deep frown lines, acne scars and crow’s feet problems. They are different kinds of fillers for different applications; for instance, a different type of dermal filler is used to treat deep frown lines from the one used to treat acne scars. It is therefore important to consult a competent cosmetic surgeon who suggests and applies the best technique for your needs. To avoid inconveniences, select a surgeon who has vast experience in the field.

It has also been proven that dermal fillers last longer that botox treatment – they have an effect which compares to reversing your aging process so that you look younger, crisp and ready for whatever positions available at your work place. Another problem some might have with Botox is that t the treatment is more visible, and the direct opposite of what would happen if opted for dermal fillers. Since the wrinkles are filled in naturally, they will be hard for anyone to notice.

Bottom line, this would be the best way to boost your self esteem and gain those important points for a promotion at work. Besides, it’s only when you feel comfortable with yourself that you are capable of putting your best foot forward.

As Dr. Joseph Asaka from the Cosmos Clinic says; “I have had many women contact me just to say thank you. Some of them have been lagging behind in their careers and did not realize that it was their looks which held them back in achieving their goals” .


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