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All of the experience, education, extracurricular activities and awards will not land the most qualified applied applicant the job if this information cannot be expressed clearly on their resume. Therefore, for those of you who want to be the top candidate in a recruiter’s pool, here’s some tips that can set your resume apart from others in the industry.

Perfection is a Requirement

Is your resume perfect? This is one of the last questions that should be asked before it is turned into a local recruiter or submitted to an online career site. Which means, the applicant should start the resume writing process by seeking for ideas that will help them to reach this goal. Perfection is what the recruiter is looking for, so it’s not an option but a requirement for landing the best jobs.

Accurate History

Now that all of the typos, grammatical mistakes and spelling errors are gone, the next step is to provide the recruiter with accurate data. Which means, all of the jobs that were held previously, should be listed on the resume. Job titles, job descriptions, from and to dates, are all required to provide a brief history. If the applicant has jobs that were held over 10 years ago, unless requested, they should be eliminated. Providing more than 10 years of job information is not necessary, specifically for a resume that is written in chronological order.

Resume Formatting

A little insight into a hiring manager or recruiter’s mind can be extremely beneficial when building a resume. Even though there are loads of templates available on the Internet, some of the formats included will not meet the mark when it comes to readability. As a general rule, most recruiters and hiring managers have a limited amount of time in their day to read through all of the resumes that they receive. Which means, they will have to monitor their time closely when reviewing each submission. Therefore, according to a wide variety of different career sites, the consensus is, most recruiters take approximately 20 to 30 seconds to read a resume. Since they are looking for highlights and specific keys to successful applicants, they normally strive to go through all of them quickly.

To make sure your resume meets the 20 to 30 seconds requirement, you should search for the format that will allow the recruiter or the hiring manager to find the key highlights within the 30 seconds parameter. With the right format, the recruiter will not have to search around for specific data but it will hit their eyes easily. For instance, job titles should be in bold letters and they should be easy to find (i.e. the appropriate amount of white space).


Providing the right content is also essential to the resume writing process because it tells a story about the person that is applying. In fact, since the person cannot be there, the resume should provide the recruiter with a professional image. For instance, if the applicant is applying for a higher level accounting position, the resume should provide an image of a person that has:

1)   Many years of experience in accounting (i.e. multiple jobs in accounting will relay this.)

2)   Pays close attention to details (i.e. the perfect resume will display this).

3)   A High Achiever in the industry (i.e. Accounting awards for outstanding performance and contributions should be provided).

Once the applicant has completed their resume, one of the last steps in the process is proofreading. If you’re not to sure in this step, you can visit AU based professional resume service and let them do this task for you. Most people turn their resume without having another individual to read it. Whether it is someone from management or a co-worker, someone else should read it for clarity, formatting suggestions and undiscovered errors. By skipping this part, some people have lost the job because they did not see simple mistakes.

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