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Just came across great this fantastic graphic by Michelle James

In an earlier post I talked about Motivating the learner. He is an  example of  what people need in order to take up  new learning  as it is is both the contraction (resistance, or attraction to what’s known) and the expansion (acceptance, or attraction to what’s not yet known). No need to explain that if we were to focus on both the  learning curve improves.

Creative Thinking: Diverge and Converge

Here’s a little diagram I put together to highlight the differences in the creative process between divergent and convergent thinking. Like all models, it’s not comprehensive, but meant to serve as a general guideline. (Convergence and Divergence are used in some form in most creativity models). The key is engaging BOTH types of thinking in a creative process. Next-level solutions emerge from engaging the unpredictability and expansiveness of divergent thinking first, and then applying the narrowing of convergent thinking to ground the new ideas into practical understandings and action steps.



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